100% Real Jaffa Jonuts⁣ S…

🍊100% Real Jaffa Jonuts🍊⁣
WOW GUYS! You all supported me on my DREAM to find the Jonuts, and would you look at that, I TOTALY 100% HAVE A LEGIT BOX OF THEM!⁣ (to make it clear these are just regular Jaffa cakes with a hole punched out, I couldn’t find any)

Jokes aside, I totally spent my day off work today hunting them down for you all. From what I can tell, they are coming to some stores tonight, and MAY be available from tomorrow, it really is on a store by store bases.⁣

@jaffacakesofficial why oh why must you make these beautiful Jaffa Jonuts so hard to find! ⁣

Anyway here is the official description to quench your Jaffa thirst:⁣

Thought Jaffa Cakes couldn’t get any more epic? Think again! Our magic Jaffa combo but with a twist – soft donutty shaped sponge, tangy orangey filling, topped with a layer of crackly chocolate.⁣

Jump for Jaffa Joy, You’ve Hit the Snackpot!⁣

“Cake? Biscuit? Donut? No – its Jaffa Jonuts. A delicious light sponge, donut-shaped ring, with tangy orange filling and crackly dark chocolate on top. The love child of the epic Jaffa Cakes and a tasty donut”⁣

And that is my OUT FOR THE DAY! (Side note, thank you everyone that’s been messaging today, has made the hunt a lot more entertaining!)⁣

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20 Replies to “100% Real Jaffa Jonuts⁣ S…

  1. We wonder if this is the hole they were left with from making the Jaffa nibbles? 🍊 we love them nibbles @jaffacakesofficial

  2. Hehe 😂 I went into Tesco today and… delivery due Friday. They’re really making the hunt for these tense 😬

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