Biscuit Battle ⁣ The bat…

⚔️ Biscuit Battle ⚔️⁣
The battle commences, the players, two fine specimens from On the left we have the Oreo, and the right the Milka, who will win, a battle of 3 rounds, only time will tell!⁣

👁 Round 1: Looks⁣
Whilst the Milka biscuit looks good, there is something somewhat enticing about that familiar Oreo logo. Im sold, are you? 1 point to Oreo!⁣

👉 Round 2: Texture⁣
A fair battle uses the same utensils to cut, so out came my trusty penknife! Both cut well with a nice crispy crunch, but the Milka has the extra crisp to gain it the winning point!⁣

👅 Round 3: Taste⁣
The last and most important round. Whilst the Oreo underperformed, tasting somewhat like a stale regular enrobed Oreo (?!) the Milka SHONE! Its white chocolate layer marries with the crunchy biscuit and that oh so tasty Milka Filling! ⁣

🏆 Results: The MILKA WINS! don’t believe me? Order both from using code SNACK10 and try for yourself! Only one biscuit can be triumphant! ⁣

Has the heat got to my head? Maybe, but joking aside these are both really tasty and I highly recommend tasting!⁣

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