Blackmilk Ice Cream ⁣ [AD…

🍦Blackmilk Ice Cream 🍦⁣
COMING SOON! @blackmilkcereal have teamed up with @grandpagreenes to provide the most amazing service to hit the UK this year. They will soon be delivering these AMAZING ice creams direct to your door. Gone are the days of ever needing to leave your house to get that cool ice cream fix! ⁣

Use code ‘snack’ at checkout to bag yourself a 10% discount! These will be available on and at @blackmilkcereal⁣

Now… onto what’s available:⁣

Kinderella – The classic Black Milk flavour made with our Hazelnut Cream⁣

Brownie & White Chocolate – Freshly chopped home brownies with white chocolate⁣

Salted Caramel & Cookie Butter – Black Milk’s very own take on speculoos with our salted caramel sauce in Ice Cream made using locally sourced Saddleworth milk⁣

Sicilian Pistachio – Made with pistachios from our supplier on the side of Mt Etna along with locally sourced Saddleworth milk⁣

Belgian Chocolate & Orange Blossom flavoured ice cream made using locally sourced Saddleworth milk⁣

Cookies ‘n’ Cream⁣

Whats more you can get yourself a selection of sauces and spreads on their site to really pimp out that ice cream creation!⁣

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