Coffee Nut m&m’s ⁣ Oh wha…

☕️Coffee Nut m&m’s ☕️⁣
Oh what a brew-tifuful day it is, the perfect day to be trying these Coffee Nut m&m’s! Inspired by @greedysisterz post making me dig deep into my m&m collection, I think, where has this snack BEAN all my life!⁣

Ripping into the paper packet I instantly could smell what was brewing inside. The Actual m&m’s are peanut with a coffee chocolate shell! My only concern is the slight artificial flavour of the coffee but it works well mixed with the peanut and chocolate! Words cannot ESPRESSO how good of a combination all the flavours are!⁣

Words cannot ESPRESSO how much I recommend trying these wonderful m&m’s, and I’m buzzing to try more of the weird and wonderful m&m’s in my collection!


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  1. We bought a huge bag of these back from the US. We were so sad when we finished them. 😂😭

  2. Glad you enjoyed these i remember bringing all 3 flavours back from Canada last year & this was the best of the bunch 😋 thanks for the tag by the way & love the puns

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