Ginscoffi Shake⁣ SWIPE TO…

🥤Ginscoffi Shake🥤⁣
Okay, this I think could be one of the best alcohol / confectionary creations I have ever purchased! The geniuses over at @boutiqueginco have invested the BEST Biscoff x Gin crossover, and I knew I had to have a go at making my very own UK Snack Attack Cocktail! Please welcome….. the GINSCOFFI SHAKE (I need to get better at names!)⁣

🥤Ginscoffi Shake🥤⁣
90ml Ginscoffi⁣
90ml Baileys⁣
90ml Milk⁣
1 Biscoff Biscuit ⁣
Whipped Cream⁣
Drizzle of Maple Syrup⁣

1. Break the biscoff biscuit in half, put one half to the side and crush the other on a plate.⁣
2. Pour a bit of Maple syrup onto another plate, and roll the glass in it. ⁣
3. Roll the the rim into the crushed biscoff.⁣
4. In a cocktail shaker, add Ice, the Ginscoffi, Baileys, Milk and 1tsp of maple syrup.⁣
5. Shake and then strain and pour into your Biscoff rimmed glass.⁣
6. Add a thick layer of whipped cream, sprinkle some biscoff crumbs, and add the second half of your Biscoff cookie as garnish⁣
7. ENJOY!⁣

This drink contains alcohol and is for 18+ (also drinks responsibly as the mix is STRONG AF!⁣

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