Haribo Passport Mix ⁣ To…

✈️ Haribo Passport Mix ✈️⁣
To honour Haribo’s 100th Anniversary, the limited edition passport mix was created including sweets from around the world!⁣

Seeing as this is the only travel I will be doing any time soon, please join me on my global travels. Buckle as this review is about to take off!⁣

To travel the world we will be flying on the airport exclusive Aeroplane gummies! These taste just like gummy bears, but in the shape of planes. You can usually pick these up at most airports.⁣

The first stop on our world tour is Spain, where we will be trying the Balla Balla and Brix. The Balla Balla are just like strawberry pencils, and thee Brixx are similar, but a more fruity outer shell. So far a good start to the flight. ⁣

Next we will be visiting France, with these fantastic Crocs!!! Like the UK Hearts the Cros have a gummy sweet top and foamy base, which is one of my favourite combos. Its fair to say these CROC my world!⁣

On our final flyover we tried 3 different sweets, both made in the US and Germany! Cherries, Goldbears and Cola Bottles. All of these you can get in the UK but still never say no to having some!⁣

Finally the metaphorical plane lands back in the UK, with the treat of rings waiting for me at the airport! ⁣

Once again thank you for flying with UK Snack Attack, I hope you will travel with us soon, and enjoy your trip!


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