Jammie Dodgers Jam ⁣ SWI…

🍓 Jammie Dodgers Jam 🍓⁣
This Saturday, we are SPREADing the love! PRESERVING the normality in the world with this crazy crazy Jammie Dodger Raspberry Jam! You heard that correct kids, its an amazing raspberry jam with crispy shortbread chunks mixed in! It is fair to say, this is my JAM! (Literally as this is a home made product, and is not for sale!)⁣

It would be BERRY rude not to share the recipe with you wonderful wonderful humans, so therefore to make this at home, you need the following:⁣

1x pack of Jammie Dodgers (DUH)⁣
450g of fresh raspberries ⁣
400g caster sugar⁣
3tsp of Lemon juice⁣

1. First on the list is washing the raspberries, I would recommend letting them soak and then washing. ⁣
2. Put the raspberries, sugar and lemon juice in a large pan.⁣
3. Mush it all together.⁣
4. Heat it at a very low temp until the sugar has dissolved.⁣
5. Strain into a bowl, so you a left with a seed free juice!⁣
6. Wash out the pan and put the new seedless mix in.⁣
7. Heat until you reach a rolling boil, then set a timer for approx 6-7 mins letting it roll and not stirring.⁣
8. Remove from heat, and test the jam by dripping a small amount on a cold plate, push it with your finger. If it crinkles you are ready to jar! If not then put back on the heat, and keep repeating this step in 1 min increments. ⁣
9. Once in the jar, start smashing up those Jammie Dodgers, into small chunks.⁣
10. Add them into the jam when it is half set so they do not get soggy!⁣
11. JAM AWAY!⁣

As always, I have my home made labels ready to send out if you want to have a shot at making yourself!⁣

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