Someone pinch me, I must be dreaming!! OH MY GOD (Yes this requires all caps!!). Spreading out my Tuesday night is the one, the ONLY Birthday Cake Flavoured Peanut Butter created by the geniuses over at @joeysspreads . Never in my life have I tried and tasted a peanut butter so perfect. I know what you are all thinking, this is just a peanut butter, how can it be as dramatic as you describe it?! Well let me tell you!⁣

Opening the jar, you get hit with the smell of Birthday. The thick vanilla pink frosting hits you, and entices you to dip the spoon straight in. When the label tells you to eat directly from the jar, who am I to argue. This has the PERFECT balance of both salty savoury goodness from the peanut butter, and the sweet frosting topping and hundreds and thousands mixed in. I do want to try this on a bagel, however I’m not sure if I can stop myself eating this directly from the jar!⁣

These products are being relaunched at the moment, and currently looking at the site you can purchase Birthday Cake, and Salted Caramel, however if you scroll back you can see some of the creative masterpieces which have previously been sold, and I can’t wait to try! ⁣

🎉 WANT TO TRY? Use code SNACK10 for a 10% discount at @joeysspreads 🎉

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