Lady Gaga Oreos ⁣ SWIPE …

🎤 Lady Gaga Oreos 🎤⁣
The international roll out of Lady Gaga branded Oreos has started, and whilst the UK are getting branded packaging for regular Oreos, the States are getting these wonderful bright neon cookies! I think these are being released for an album release? Honestly I got them for the neon green filling, the bright colours hypnotised me! ⁣

Whilst visually these are amazing, I was not however ‘GAGA’ for the taste… Sadly there is nothing special about these, they are just Golden Oreos filled with colourings such as Yellow 5 Lake, Blue 1 Lake and Red 40 Lake (and golden Oreos are my least favourite). Would have loved to have seen some funky flavours to match the funky colours, but oh well, a boy can dream…⁣

I obviously will be turning these into a whacky cookie butter spread this weekend, so keep those gaga eyes peeled for what I will create (and will be adding some nice flavourings to it, DOWN WITH GOLDEN OREOS!⁣

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19 Replies to “Lady Gaga Oreos ⁣ SWIPE …

  1. That’s such a shame. I wonder why they didn’t give them a unique fun flavour. 😕

  2. Anyone else got oreo overload? I mean they’re absolutely in bloody everything lately just like salted caramel or pulledpork is aswell… we get it that these are new flavors for the UK but how about coming up with new ideas instead of pumping out the same old shite?

  3. “I tasted these before they’re so good 😊 I remember putting these in the bag to save and after that they were gone! Probably thrown in the trash 😂

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