Munchies White Maybe I …

🤍 Munchies White 🤍
Maybe I am a little slow in trying these, and to be honest I could have waited longer. As someone who never really understood munchies, these do nothing for me. The white chocolate is mediocre, the filling, meh. I really don’t see the hype around them 😅. I feel if I ate munchies previously this would have been more exciting but these for me are really nothing special! I obviously still finished the pack as they aren’t terrible, but I won’t be buying them again! Sorry to disappoint everyone but I don’t have the munchies for Munchies!
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4 Replies to “Munchies White Maybe I …

  1. Ooh, controversial! 😂 Haven’t found them yet but suspect there’s a chance I may be similarly underwhelmed as I was with the other Munchies releases 🤷‍♀️

  2. Bought some the other day but yet to try them. Munchies go down well here usually so keen to see what my lot think 😁

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