NEW UK Kinder Country ⁣ …

🌾 NEW UK Kinder Country 🌾⁣
COMING SOON! The UK is FINALLY getting Kinder Country bars BACK! From what I can see these will be small(ish) 23g bars selling for 30p. ⁣
I am still not convinced these aren’t sold in UK stores, but I can see no trace of them on any of the big supermarket sites! If you have tried one abroad before you know how amazing these taste, imagine cereal inside of a kinder bar! The Kinder site states they are:⁣
Kinder Country contains a delicious milky filling and the great taste of a mix of 5 different crunchy cereals (barley, rice, wheat, spelt and buckwheat), simply puffed and toasted, all wrapped in a fine milk chocolate coating.⁣
Hope to see them arriving soon!⁣
No word yet on when / where this will be coming!⁣⁣
Snacksclusive :⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
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15 Replies to “NEW UK Kinder Country ⁣ …

  1. You mostly find these in Newsagent and the corner shops ..Supermarkets stopped selling them because nobody was buying them.

  2. Used to love these hopefully they won’t be slept on this time round 😍

  3. My little shop I go to sells them, but you’re right never seen them in a supermarket x

  4. I’ve definitely bought one of these in the UK before. No idea where from though! 😂

  5. GʟᴏʙᴀʟFᴏᴏᴅNᴇᴡs • Lux 🇱🇺 Ger 🇩🇪 says:

    I really thought you had them already in UK (maybe imported)

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