Panda Pops ⁣ Let us take…

🐼 Panda Pops 🐼⁣
Let us take it back, imagine yourself sitting in the park, the year, 2005, quenched and thirsty, and what do you get to quench that thirst, a panda pop of course! ⁣Welcome welcome to THROWSNACK THURSDAY!
I don’t know why, but I just somehow blame Jamie Oliver for these vanishing from the shelves…. Sure they were full of sugar, sure they were coloured with endless artificial crap, sure they probably corroded your insides BUT THEY WERE SO GOOD!⁣
The Panda Pop was finally discontinued in 2011 (even after a relaunch) to make way for ‘healthier’ fizzy drinks… ⁣
RIP Panda Pops, gone, but not forgotten


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  1. My kid will never know the amount of good stuff we had growing up, I remember going go pub Gardens with family and all the kids got them, they were the best 😍

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