Peppermint Crisp ⁣ ⁣ Aft…

🍃 Peppermint Crisp 🍃⁣

After needing no ‘encourage mint’, I knew I had to try this South African classic! Let me tell you, we were mint to be together!⁣

The packaging is vibrant green, and really is refreshing from the usual dull chocolate packing. The flavour however blew me away! I initially wanted to test how crispy the crisp was, and let me tell you, it was harder to snap than first thought! However once I broke the ice we really got to see the green centre shine through! I didn’t realise how vibrant green the filling would be but it called to be eaten! The first bite was a breath of fresh air! A strong peppermint flavour with a light chocolate coating makes for an amazing treat! All I can say guys is make the commit-mint and buy one of these bars to try!⁣

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  1. Different packaging though.. but yeah south Africa has had these for over 30 years.. Best is to cut the tips off and put it in a glass of milk.. the peppermint crisp works like a chocolate minty straw.. soo good! @uksnackattack

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