Pepsi Max Lime⁣⁣ MAXIMUM …

🍋Pepsi Max Lime🍋⁣⁣
MAXIMUM TASTE, no sugar, and not a hint of lime! Available now at @tescofood this really is an odd one…. This has been LONG awaited, and now it’s here, I can honestly say, meh.⁣⁣
I am a self declared (diet) coke addict.. I don’t like my soft drinks too sweet an d sadly this is sweet sweet sweet. To top it off the lime flavour was not that strong. Is it good? Yes, is it influential and revolutionary flavour wise, sadly not.⁣⁣
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20 Replies to “Pepsi Max Lime⁣⁣ MAXIMUM …

  1. The Diet Coke sublime lime is beautiful, haven’t had this! I’m guessing they are the same?

  2. Very subtle lime flavour. I’m a big PM fan so I liked it but yeah, not very inventive.

  3. Totally agree, love the Diet Coke with lime and saw this and thought ooh I will give it a go and you’re right…meh!😳

  4. That’s a shame! I had high hopes for it as I definitely prefer Pepsi Max/Diet Pepsi to Diet Coke. If I come across it I may give it a go, but sounds like I’ll be sticking to adding lime cordial/squash!

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