Percy Jam Creams⁣ SWIPE T…

🐷Percy Jam Creams🐷⁣
A little piggy told me that @marksandspencerfoodpr have a BRAND NEW Percy Pig product to rival the great Jammie Dodger. Of course I had to go see for myself, and there on the shelf it stood, these beautiful jam sandwich creams! Now there was a lot of pressure for these biscuits to be good, as jam sandwiches are one of my true loves!⁣

Opening the pack, you are hit with the classic fruity jam smell. However, you also get the elderberry raspberry smell from the Percy Pig flavoured shortbread! The jam is good texture, as is the cream. Overall a win win. They are pretty sweet so sadly could not pig out on a whole pack.⁣

I would highly recommend it getting these cute little treats ASAP from your local M&S, and what’s more, the pack only costs £1. ⁣

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  1. I picked these up today and can’t wait to try them. Good to hear the shortbread is raspberry flavoured 😍

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