Percy Pig Spread⁣ SWIPE T…

🐷Percy Pig Spread🐷⁣
The weekend is totally the time to pig out, and what better way to spend my Saturday than coming up with my very own Percy Pig Spread. I know what you are all thinking, EW that sounds disgusting, but trust me when I say you are going to want to try this!⁣

⚠️Just to note, this is not an official product nor is it for sale (however much I want it to be @marksandspencerfoodpr please make this a reality!!). It is very much home made!⚠️⁣

Now you may be wondering, how does it taste?! Well it is a beautiful white chocolate based spread, flavoured with raspberry and elderflower, with the addition of freeze dried raspberries and chopped up Percy pigs. ⁣

The raspberry and elderflower make the chocolate taste SO similar to our much loved Percy, and after much market research (a family taste test) it gets the seal of approval!⁣

As always on Spread Saturdays, I have a how to make it yourself below:⁣

320g of white chocolate⁣
3-4 Percy pigs⁣
3/4 tsp of raspberry flavouring ⁣
1tsp of elderflower flavouring ⁣
1tsp pink food colouring⁣
2.5 tbs of sunflower oil⁣
2tbs freeze dried raspberries⁣

1. Break the chocolate up into small bits, and microwave in 30sec bursts until melted.⁣
2. Add the oil, flavourings and food colouring.⁣
3. Add your freeze dried raspberries to taste.⁣
4. Chop up 3-4 Percy’s and add⁣
5. Put in a jar and let set for 30mins⁣
6. EAT!!!⁣

Let me know if you want the label sent to you via dm, and will share away to get the full look!!⁣

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