Christmas is nearly here, and let me tell you, the best gift to ever get for a KitKat lover comes from the one, the only @randallsuk_ !⁣

What flavours can you try you may ask? Well:⁣

❤️ KitKat Biscoff: This has to be my favourite KitKat to date, the tasty KitKat chunky has the perfect amount of Biscoff spread to make anyone become a Biscoff fiend!! ⁣

💚 KitKat Aero: This was the bar that surprised me most, and when I saw it first I was CONVINCED it was a Snackfish! But no this is the combo of two of the greatest bars, KitKat and Mint Aero! The KitKat chunky has a thick Mint Aero layer, and they do just work so well together!⁣

💙KitKat Cinnabon: Now, in the UK we don’t have that many Cinnabon stores (I think?), but cinnamon buns are insane! This marries the two into a tasty, cinnamon KitKat creation!⁣

You can get all these, and a TON of more snacks over at @randallsuk_ , and if you use my code SNACK10, you can get yourself a 10% discount! WIN WIN WIN!⁣

Which KitKat will you be trying?⁣

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  1. We’re about to see more Cinnabon stores as they’ve entered into a partnership with the company that owns asda.👍

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