Tony’s Toblerone ⁣ SWIPE…

🏔 Tony’s Toblerone 🏔⁣
With all the news filled with the war of the caterpillars, its easy to forget important chocolate dupes that have meaning behind it. Honestly I really couldn’t care less about who’s caterpillar copied who, however slavery in the chocolate industry is something we should all be talking about.⁣

@tonyschocolonely_uk_ire sweet solution bars were meant to launch for a limited time in @sainsburies but got blocked before hitting the shelves. The bars were to make light that big brands such as Toblerone cannot guarantee the chocolate used is slavery free. I know its something a lot of people don’t like to think about when eating their chocolate, but slavery is a massive issue, with a report in October 2020 finding that over 30,000 victims of modern slavery are forced to work on cocoa plantations.⁣

Obviously taste wise, these are amazing, and Tony’s really have perfected the Toblerone! ⁣

Whilst the campaign of these sweet solutions bars may be finished, the petition and fight for slavery chocolate is still ongoing. Check out the links over at @tonyschocolonely_uk_ire for more info!⁣

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10 Replies to “Tony’s Toblerone ⁣ SWIPE…

  1. What’s not to like about this company 👏 I’m still yet to eat my Sweet Solutions bars, but I’m looking forward to it!

  2. Tony’s isn’t classified as slavery free either. They also had a policy where employees received bonuses for staying under a certain weight and were encouraged to spend that bonus on exercise equipment and clothing. Their chocolate it great but they are a shady company pretending to care.

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