Vimto Cheesecake ⁣ New (…

🫐 Vimto Cheesecake 🫐⁣
New (ish) to Iceland, this Vimto Cheesecake is a strange one! I would never have imagied a Cheesecake with a Vimto jam layer, but its not half bad! ⁣

The Vimto jam ontop (shockingly) tastes like Vimto, and the cheesecake is decent!⁣

Whilst it is tasty, I am more of a chocolate cheesecake fan, however if you like Vimto, and you like Cheesecake, then get yourself down to @iceland and go grab one!! ⁣

Thinking about it… Vimto is berry flavoured… and the cheesecake is basically cream, and to be fair I AM a little lad who loves berries a cream! ⁣

Thanks @sharprelations and vittlescakes for sending this over to me!⁣

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