Walkers Mince Pie Crisps⁣…

🎄Walkers Mince Pie Crisps🎄⁣
Blink and you will miss them. Well you probably just blinked right? Guess what? YOU MISSED THEM! These limited edition walkers flavours really went and put the Limited in Limited edition. Here for what? 3 days? The Mince pie crisps were sadly pied by Trading Standards for an ‘undeclared ingredient’.⁣

Although these sound odd, if you didn’t get a chance to try you guys are actually kind of missing out. These are surprisingly so good?! They taste somewhat nearest to a sweet curry? Hard to describe, not Mince Pie really, but not bad!⁣

For those nosey folk like me, the undeclared ingredient? MILK! I mean as allergens go that is a big oversight, like how do you forget it contains milk!? To my lactose intolerant fans, be glad you didn’t get them and suffer! On a serious note if you do have some and can’t eat them. PepsiCo (who own walkers) are offering a full refund! ⁣

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