Black Forest Cake m&m’s …

🍒 Black Forest Cake m&m’s 🍒⁣
HAS THE WORLD GONE TOO FAR! Here we have a much debated snack item. Yes that is right folks, despite not containing any green m&m’s, the Black Forest Cake pack has probably THE most talked about m&m of 2022. ITS THE ONE AND ONLY SEXY GREEN M&M! Jokes aside does anyone else find it weird that tabloids are so fixated on a fictional green chocolate? Like? Its a bit weird right? Its a chocolate mascot? Its not that deep! ⁣

ANYWAY! These taste amazing! The pack is filled with hearts and they do really represent my love for these chocolates! Flavour wise imagine a dark chocolate cake, with a subtle cherry twang. I can confess I ate so many in one sitting that my jaw aches. God damn Green m&m what have you done to me!⁣

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