Bourbon Cream Spread⁣ SWI…

🟤Bourbon Cream Spread🟡⁣
Ever since Tesco discontinued their Bourbon and Custard Cream spreads, there has been a cookie butter hole in my heart. After trying and loving the chaotic Morrisons mashup of the Bourbon Creams, I knew what had to be done, the cookie had to become a spread!⁣

This at heart is a pretty simple recipe. It follows my usual Cookie butter recipe (check out my website for previous cookie butters) using the Bourbons, and then I made myself a tasty custard creme filling. I swirled it into the bourbon butter, added a nice heft dollop into the top and BAM! The Spreadable Bourbon Creams is born! ⁣

What spread do you want me to try and make? Let me know in the comments! ⁣

⚠️ NOTE: This is not a real product, it is HOMEMADE, it’s not for sale nor will it ever be for sale ⚠️⁣⁣⁣
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