Cadbury Plant Bars ⁣ SWI…

🌱 Cadbury Plant Bars 🌱⁣
The time has come, after years, and years, and years of waiting, a vegan Cadbury’s bar is finally here. Whats that you may ask? Isn’t Bourneville vegan? Well they added milk to it, to pave the way for this new range….⁣

These were found @sainsburys for £2.50 a bar, and come in plain, and salted caramel. The base of the plant bar is almond. ⁣

Lets start with the good, the salted caramel bar is decent. As you can see in my photos, the salted caramel chunks are big, and crunchy, and overall tasty. That is unfortunately where the positives end…⁣

Flavour first, this is in no way the taste of any Cadbury’s bar, nor is it really the taste of a good vegan bar. I can only describe it being closest to stale cardboard (?). ⁣

The texture is again a let down, Cadbury’s have done themselves dirty here by stopping the Bourneville being vegan, because all I can do is compare the two. This bar is thin, does not really have that ‘melt in your mouth’ feel, and leave a weird after taste…⁣

Overall despite my negativity, I am happy these are being released, as a larger variety of vegan options is never a bad thing, however I would pick literally any other vegan chocolate bar over this!⁣

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  1. Ahhhh noo :(( I’ll wait for it to go on offer, I really want to try this since I’m so bored of vegan choc being dark. As much as I like dark choc. 😂😭

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