Cherry Jammie Dodgers ⁣…

🍒 Cherry Jammie Dodgers 🍒 ⁣
Sad to announce that these are not my Cherry Pie. Despite the excitement of seeing these on the shelves, as artificial cherry is one of my favourite flavours, these sadly did not live up to my expectations. I somewhat see these in a similar light to any flavour but mint after eights. My simple snack brain can’t comprehend different flavours to a classic, and therefore is always disappointed! ⁣

Despite not really liking them, they are just your standard Jammie Dodgers. Classic shortbread biscuit and then the Cherry Jam filling. A solid MEH from me sadly. ⁣

I’m sure I can add more disappointment to a somewhat disappointing review by telling you I don’t even remember where I got them, or how much! All around a total flop! ⁣

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