Dessert Pastilles ⁣ SWIP…

🍨 Dessert Pastilles 🍨⁣
These have taken me FAAAAR too long to get my hands on. Even when finding them in @morrisons I may or may not have had to do the sneaky jump to the top shelf to grab a bag before they were put to their position! (It counts as part my hour exercise a day!) I am a big fruit pastilles fan so I was very excited to be trying them.⁣

Flavour wise, these are PERFECT! Top spot has to go to Cherry Bakewell, followed by Mango Sorbet, Apple crumble and then Blueberry Pie. Whilst taste was good, texture is a whole other story. I love that the range has become vegan, as someone who grew up having to eat veggie sweets, I’m somewhat jealous of the selection that is now available. However the texture has been compromised. They are a little too chewy and a little too sticky. I have however realised that placing them in the fridge fixes this!⁣

I do really recommend bagging yourself a bag of these wonderful sweets! The variation of flavour is fantastic, and love to see some exciting new flavour variations in a snack!⁣

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