Hands Off my Carrot Cake …

🥕Hands Off my Carrot Cake Bar🥕
[AD-PR] I don’t think you guys understand how EGGcitied I was to see @randalls.mh stocking the @handsoffmychocolate egg carrot cake bar! As cakes go, carrot cake is by far my favourite. It just brings me so much joy, so I knew that joy would now also be coming in a chocolate bar.

This lived up to my expectations and MORE! Now when I ordered it, I confess I kind of expected a cheap American style chalky carrot cake chocolate BUT NO! This is really good quality dark chocolate, with a subtle carrot cake flavour. What makes it even better is the cute little egg shapes it comes in. This is a bar MADE for easter!

Want one for yourself (or any of the other egg Hands Off bar range?). Get yourself over to @randalls.mh and use code SNACK10 for that egg-celent 10% off!

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3 thoughts on “Hands Off my Carrot Cake …

  1. Woow carrot cake in a bar?! We’ve ordered the cookie dough one, never tried @handsoffmychocolate before and excited!!

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