Hippo Wars ⁣ It’s the Ba…

🦛 Hippo Wars 🦛⁣
It’s the Battle of the Hippos, @haribouki vs @fruittellauk . Both releasing new hippo shaped sweets at similar times, its time to put them (hippo) head to head to find the winner!⁣

Now one quick thing before I begin, it seems that the @fruittellauk Hippos only had one flavour (strawberry) in the pack?! Has anyone else had them before? Did you guys get other flavours? I have a suspicion that my pack may have been made in error!⁣

First up is the Haribo Hippos. They are foamy texture with a gummy ‘feature’ for each flavour! I think the creativity in these are amazing, and the flavours are great, the peach being the standout for me! Not sure I am 100% sold on the milk flavours but they aren’t bad!⁣

The Fruit-tella hippos have the vegan card, which make them better for a winner audience. Texture wise they are fantastic, and foamy. Flavour wise the strawberry is good, I am very disappointed my pack only contained one flavour. ⁣

Because of the flavourless Fruit-tellas the Haribo are the clear winner. Both are available from @poundland now! ⁣

Side note since when was there a hippo emoji?! 🦛🦛🦛🦛🦛⁣

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7 thoughts on “Hippo Wars ⁣ It’s the Ba…

  1. Haha there should be 3 flavours in total and i think someone ate the 2 other flavours in your packet 😂😂

  2. I tried the fruit-tella – I only had 1 apple and 2 orange (can’t even remember what flavour they were!) All the rest were strawb!

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