Jaffa Cakes KitKat Chunky…

🍊Jaffa Cakes KitKat Chunky🍊⁣
It’s Sunday, and it’s time to post an image with a big disclaimer saying it’s not real, only to have endless DM’s and comments asking where to get it!⁣

This week it is the amazing crossover we never knew we needed! Yes yes it is a Jaffa Cakes Kit Kat Chunky! Imagine if this were real!!!! ⁣

⚠️ NOTE: This is not a real product, and not for sale! ⚠️⁣

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13 thoughts on “Jaffa Cakes KitKat Chunky…

  1. Where do I get this?!?! Jokes aside, people clearly don’t bother reading, you make it so obvious when your posts are snackfishes

  2. The relentless torture of this page! 🤣 I wish 99% of the things you create were available!! (The 1% was that spam blondie, sorry 😂)

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