McCoys Thai Sweet Chicken…

🍗McCoys Thai Sweet Chicken 🍗⁣
Shut the cluck up! The great and mighty Thai Sweet Chicken McCoys now comes in that good old 6 bag multipack! Whilst to some this may seem like the perfect opportunity to share, I see this more as a challenge as to how quickly can I eat the whole pack!⁣

Taste wise they have the strong chicken flavour and of course that sweet sweet flavour! ⁣Sweet a savoury is always a winning combo (looking at you sweet and salty popcorn)!

For now you can grab these in @tescofood in the large multi bags! ⁣
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17 thoughts on “McCoys Thai Sweet Chicken…

  1. About time and all. I’m amazed I haven’t turned into a Thai sweet chicken crisp with how many if these I’ve eaten 😂😂😍

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