Mint & Dark Chocolate Ma…

🍃 Mint & Dark Chocolate Mallow’s 🍃⁣
NEW NEW NEW (??) are these tasty little Mallow & Marsh Marshmallows (what a tongue twister!). On Clubcard in Tesco at £2.50 these really are a steal! @mallowandmarsh⁣

Taste wise, I really enjoyed them! Very subtle mint flavour and a really good dark chocolate coating! If you see them at Clubcard prices and enjoy mint chocolate I would highly recommend!⁣

One thing to note though is they are not veggie, as they have beef gelatine in them… which is does strike me as a bit off as one of their selling points in being palm oil free?! Reminds me of when I used to half do my homework at school, they were so close but so very far! ⁣I of course am a hypocrite as I’m not veggie, but a fun fact to note is that beef is a higher cause of deforestation than palm oil in SE Asia…


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