NEW Caramilk Marble?! ⁣ …

⚠️ NEW Caramilk Marble?! ⚠️⁣
Now this bar is HIT with controversy, is it real? Is it just a rumour? I don’t have answers to that, but what I do have is this weeks SNACKFISH SINDAY! This bar is hot off the press, rumoured to be hitting the shelves of Australia soon (and then inevitably reaching the UK via import sites). ⁣

I for once cannot wait to try this tasty treat, as marble bars are AMAZING! @cadburyaust @cadburyuk, could this be a reality?! If you don’t comment then that FOR SURE is confirmation that this bar is coming! ⁣

Snackfish? What is that?!⁣

Snackfish :⁣⁣
[sn-a-ck-fish] verb ⁣⁣
A snack that lies about its legitimacy as an official product online for internet clout and attention. Most commonly fabricated in Adobe Photoshop.⁣⁣

To clarify for those who will inevitably not actually read this caption, ⁣⁣
⚠️ THESE DO NOT EXIST! To clarify this is a SNACKFISH (I have to type this otherwise I will get endless messages asking where to get them)⁣⚠️⁣⁣

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16 thoughts on “NEW Caramilk Marble?! ⁣ …

  1. This isn’t a rumour but I just don’t know when it’ll be released :/ It’s already listed with certain distributors.

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