NEW Creme Egg McFlurry⁣ E…

🍦NEW Creme Egg McFlurry🍦⁣
Everyone was telling me ‘its too early to order a McFlurry’, ‘you must be mad’. Let me tell you… I should have listened. The excitement of the Creme Egg McFlurry returning was too much, it HAD to be done. After finishing said McFlurry, I FEEL SICK!⁣

This has always been one of my favourite McFlurries. I am somewhat sad it didn’t come in a heavily branded Creme Egg tub, however its what’s inside that matters. As remembered, we have that sickly sweet orange syrup, mixed with chunks of chocolate. This is a mash of the best of McFlurry.⁣

These are now available to get at @mcdonaldsuk TODAY! And if you are mad like me you can order one on Uber Eats to be delivered. (If you do, be sure to tip your driver for going out of their way to deliver you this tasty treat!)⁣

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19 thoughts on “NEW Creme Egg McFlurry⁣ E…

  1. Don’t listen to the negativity pal! It is never too early. If I hadn’t promised my son one after school I can assure you I would be eating it for breakfast instead of Biscoff rocky road 🤣

  2. I could eat a McFlurry every day of the year but seeing as the machines seem to be “broken” about 350 of those days, it ends up being an occasional treat. 😂

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