JUST IN! A new range of Krispy Kreme is here, and oh is it Kremey! Inspired by ‘spring icons’, we have birds, flower buds and blue skies. Thanks @krispykremeuk

The new range comes in the following flavours:⁣

🐥Cheeky Chick (€2.20):⁣
Chick this one out! Filled with a tangy lemon sauce⁣
to make your mouth water, dipped in icing and topped with colourful⁣

🕊Happinest (£2.45): ⁣
This egg-stra special doughnut is filled with an⁣
indulgent brownie batter, dipped in delicious white chocolate coating⁣
and topped with little chocolate eggs⁣

🍳Egg-static (£2.45):⁣
Bursting with kreme and a yellow fondant yolk and⁣
dripped in decadent chocolate icing and topped with colourful icing⁣

On sale from today, and available to pre-order now, the Easter range will be⁣
available for a limited time only from either Krispy Kreme stores, in Tesco,⁣
Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and ASDA cabinets or via Nationwide Delivery so⁣
everyone can indulge in the joy of our fresh doughnuts.⁣

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