New Soda Folk ⁣ Now then…

🇬🇧 New Soda Folk 🇺🇸⁣
Now then what’s this (@yorkshire_peach fans hey there). As you know the UK lacks the ‘American’ style sodas, but fear not, @sodafolk have you covered. Their latest launch pits the two great nations against each other. In the UK corner we have Jam Roly Poly Soda, and in the US corner we have Key Lime Pie Soda.⁣

The UK Jam Roly Poly tastes JUST like the red Panda Pop! Like obviously I have not had it in so long but from my memory, this, this is it!⁣

Now the US flavour… to be honest I am less of a fan (sorry USA). Key Lime Pie anyway is not in my top 10, so the drink version… meh. It is good dont’t get me wrong, and I loved the tang of it, it just was not for me!⁣

I have a feeling these have been spotted in @homebargains so keep those eyes peeled, or you can order from the @sodafolk website!⁣

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