NEW Walkers MAX STRONG!⁣ …

❤️‍🔥NEW Walkers MAX STRONG!❤️‍🔥⁣
Happy Jubilee fellow snack lovers, did you know Lizzie’s favourite crisps are spicy walkers? Neither did I, probably because I just made that up, but still who wouldn’t love these two new Walkers Max Strong and spicy flavours.⁣

We are getting two new flavours to hit the range:⁣

🥵 Hot Sauce Blaze⁣
🦐 Fiery Prawn Cocktail⁣

In the words of Walkers, Can you handle the heat? Because it’s going to be hotter than this so called ‘heatwave’!⁣

Shoutout to @johns_snackreviews for the heads on the prawn flavour!⁣

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