Orange Bueno?!⁣ For someo…

🍊Orange Bueno?!🍊⁣
For someone that very vocally speaks up against their hatred for new chocolate orange products, I do photoshop up a fair few! This Snackfish is of the mysterious Chocolate Orange Bueno! Who knows, maybe Kinder will see this and be inspired!⁣

Snackfish? What is that?!⁣

Snackfish :⁣⁣
[sn-a-ck-fish] verb ⁣⁣
A snack that lies about its legitimacy as an official product online for internet clout and attention. Most commonly fabricated in Adobe Photoshop.⁣⁣

To clarify for those who will inevitably not actually read this caption, ⁣⁣
⚠️ THESE DO NOT EXIST! To clarify this is a SNACKFISH (I have to type this otherwise I will get endless messages asking where to get them)⁣⚠️⁣⁣

Check out my TikTok to see a behind the scenes of how I mad the image!⁣

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