Orange Twirl Spread ⁣ THI…

🍊Orange Twirl Spread 🍊⁣
The world premier of the officially unofficial Orange Twirl spread! I have been busy in the UK Snack Attack kitchen making this today, and oh boy I am addicted. Here is to wishing @cadburyuk made this a reality! ⁣

Week 2 of making spreads and I feel I am starting to perfect the ratios and make it the right texture. This time I avoided nuts and used sunflower seeds to provide some texture and maintain the dominant orange twirl taste.⁣

As I’m sure you are all wondering, how do you make it? Well of course I shall share the recipe below!⁣

170g Sunflower Seeds, ⁣
20g Dairy Milk⁣
300g Orange Twirl⁣
3 tbs Oil (I used sunflower)⁣
2 tsp Vanilla Extract⁣

1. Put the sunflower seeds in a medium heat pan and roast for 2-3 mins.⁣
2. Break down all the chocolate and melt in 30sec increments until melted and combined.⁣
3. Put the seeds in a blender and blend until a fine powder.⁣
4. Add the oil and vanilla and blend again until combined.⁣
5. Add the melted chocolate and blend again.⁣
6. Put into a jar, add your terribly photoshopped label and EAT AWAY.⁣
7. Add crushed orange twirl and mix for an added texture.⁣

And there you have it, and crispy, flakey orange twirl spread. I can pretend this is healthy because the sunflower seeds but it is for sure not healthy.⁣

As always thank you @thesnackcontroller and @aufstrichqueen_vera for the spread inspirations!! ⁣

DM me if anyone wants the label download, so they can make their own!⁣

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