Ben & Jerry’s Phish Food Spread

This Spread Saturday is about to get Phishy! This simple recipe will have you craving more and more as you manage to eat the whole jar with a spoon before even spreading it on anything!

Phish Food Spread

Ben & Jerry's as always create the most amazing ice creams! So this week I decided I shall have a go at recreating another one of their Phishy Classics!!
Cook Time 1 hr
Cooling time 12 hrs
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  • 400 g milk chocolate
  • 1 tin caramel (379g tin)
  • 10 tbsp sunflower oil
  • 1 tub marshmallow fluff (213g jar)
  • 50 g dark chocolate chips


Chocolate Spread Base

  • Break up the 400g of milk chocolate, place in a microwave save bowl and microwave in 20 second bursts until melted
  • Add 6 tbsp of oil and stir with fork until mixed well, put to one side.

Marshmallow Spread

  • Pour the contents of the jar into a microwave safe bowl, and heat for 30 seconds on high.
  • Remove, add 3 tbsp of oil, then heat for a further 30 seconds

Caramel Spread

  • Pour the contents of the jar into a microwave safe bowl and heat for 20 seconds on high heat.
  • Add 1 tbsp of oil and stir until mixed.


  • Slowly pour the caramel into the milk chocolate in a circular motion, creating a swirl in the mix.
  • Do the same with the marshmallow, and then add the chocolate chips.
  • Very carefully with a fork swirl until you get defined swirls.
  • Pour into your jar, and leave for 12 hours / until set.
  • You should now be left with one FINE PHISHY SPREAD!
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