Hello Hello fellow snack lovers, I have a request for you all! As we all know the cost of living is rising, and sadly a lot of older people will struggle to keep themselves warm this winter; choosing between heating or eating. The charity I volunteer for @smallkindact have just launched their new campaign “Heat the Person not the Home”.⁣

Our Warm in Winter gift bags help heat the person when they might be struggling to heat their home.  ⁣

🚨How can you help? 🚨⁣

You can fill our Warm in Winter gift bags by simply choosing which item or items you would like to buy. If you would like to buy more than one of any item please select the quantity from the drop down menu. ⁣

Alternatively if you would prefer to make a donation please click on the donate button on our site.⁣

Previous recipients of our bags have said:⁣

‘The blanket will save me putting the heating on as much, so you have saved me the money’⁣
– Warm in Winter gift bag recipient⁣

Thank you for your support and kindness to keep older people warm in their homes. Together we can make a difference.⁣

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