Pumpkin Pie Kitkat ⁣ SWI…

🎃 Pumpkin Pie Kitkat 🎃⁣
Im not sure you guys are ready for how SPICY this post is going to get! Spooky season is upon us (which also falls a day after my birthday! Call me Mr Spook) and no better staple to the spooky aesthetic than the Pumpkin. Pumpkin spice is one of those flavours you either love or hate, I feel there is no in between. Thankfully I LOVE. Although only recently becoming more of a trend in the UK, I really hope pumpkin spice is here to stay. These crazy cute mini KitKat bars are yours to grab from @randalls.uk!⁣

Now for the main event, the taste test. Although bite size I couldn’t resist cutting in half to get a peek at the wafer within. The creamy ‘chocolate’ has no chocolate in sight, however it is replaced by a spicy creme which fills the tastebuds with joy! I LOVED it, and the familiar KitKat wafer just makes it 10x better.⁣

Want to try? Visit @randalls.uk and use code SNACK10 for a 10% discount. You can even buy individual bars if you are unsure about getting a big share bag!⁣

Follow @uksnackattack for more spicy reviews and creations, you never know, I may have potentially ordered an extra bag to giveaway…. 👀⁣

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