SPOOKY Sugar High ⁣ SWIPE…

🎃SPOOKY Sugar High 🎃⁣
Its the spookiest day of the year, the day after my birthday, and that means its time to be hungover, feel sorry for myself and eat lots of food!⁣ THANK YOU @sugarhighdesserts FOR MAKING THESE WONDERS!

What is included in the box? Well… ⁣

Blondie of Frankenstein: ⁣
I think this is the coolest looking blondie to date! Look how cool it is! It is a green vanilla bean blondie, with caramel, chocolate hair, sprinkles with Rolo bolts!⁣

A Bunch of Hocus Pocus(cookie bar): ⁣
What is this? THIS IS A COOKIE BAR!!!! Chocolayte brownie cookies with Oreos, chocolate spread, magic stars and these pretty decorations!⁣

Eat Dirt Witch(blondie):⁣
A witchy blondie, this tasty beast is filled with Oreos, cookies and cream bar bits, and a vanilla blondie base! It also has spooky orange dyed cookies and cream spread!! ⁣

Enchanted Forest:⁣
What an enchantment! This has dried cherries, chocolate chips, brownie base, cherry jam and sour dummies!!!!!! THIS IS SO GOOD! ⁣

This is it for the spooky bakes this year, however be sure to be following @sugarhighdesserts for a TON of tasty treats!⁣

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