Sugar High x Mother Fudg…

🍪 Sugar High x Mother Fudger 🍪⁣
Its MOTHER FUDGING CROSSOVER TIME! The one, the only @sugarhighdesserts has once again blown it out of the park with the most recent collaboration! Everything about this is fantastic, the flavours of course, but even the cool milk carton box the cookies come in, just so thought through and put together!⁣

🍯 The box comes with one cheeky jar of Mother Fudger’s biscoff fudge dip and FUDGE ME this was good. I heated it up and spread it over every cookie / ate some from the jar!⁣

💊 The first cookie up on the menu was the Pop a Molly. First I would like to personally thank Salina for making me explain what ‘popping a Molly’ is to my parents. The cookie though is true ECSTASY! Its a chocolate brownie base with crushed Oreos, pink sprinkles and chocolate chips, covered in more sprinkles!!⁣

🌴 Next up, The Biscuit Kinder. Kinder makes the world go round, and this cookie proves it! The crushed biscoff cookies, combined with the cookie and Kinder Chocolate chunks is true bliss!⁣

💥 Now, to save the (in my opinion) best to last, the Bisc Off. A magnificent Biscoff wonder with Caramac, white chocolate and of course a fair share of Biscoff biscuits! I think I could eat these all day!⁣

Although this collaboration is over, keep your eyes peeled on both their pages to see what other insane creations they come up with! Sugar high drops are usually at 12pm on Sundays, with the next being on the 14th!⁣

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  1. Still dying at the part where you had to explain to your parents😂😂 thank you for ALWAYS supporting Sugar High and so many other small businesses!😍♥️

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