Terry’s Marmite Orange⁣ Y…

❤️‍🔥Terry’s Marmite Orange❤️‍🔥⁣
You heard it here first! The latest EXCLUSIVE collab no one saw coming! That’s right it’s a Marmite Chocolate Orange.⁣ @terryschocolateorange @marmite

Sure I have had 0 hours sleep, but this marmite treat will be getting me through the day! It is a milky, creamy chocolate orange flavour with that fun Marmite taste!⁣

Would you guys try!? ⁣

This is very exclusive, and will be coming Tesco soon so keep those eyes peeled!⁣

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20 thoughts on “Terry’s Marmite Orange⁣ Y…

  1. I know its April fools, but this is just a joke that has crossed the line! Terrys Chocolate Orange flavoured with pure evil 🤮 ….a thing nightmares are made of !! 😂

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