Toffee Crisp Krispy Kreme…

🚨Toffee Crisp Krispy Kreme🚨⁣
As you all have probably seen, two new flavours of @krispykremeuk has been released and out in stores, but I have some bad news, you only have until the 10th to get them before they leave us!!! In stores, in kiosks and everywhere else!! We have the: Toffee Krispy, and the Sticky Toffee⁣

🧡Toffee Krispy🧡⁣
A delicious combination of crispy cereal & soft caramel covered in a smooth chocolatey coating.⁣

🧡Sticky Toffee🧡⁣
Rich & indulgent toffee filling with chocolatey icing & chewy toffee pieces.⁣

Have you guys tried them yet? What did you think?⁣

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6 thoughts on “Toffee Crisp Krispy Kreme…

  1. Didn’t think much of the toffee Krispy. My mum had the sticky toffee and she said “I would’ve rather had a sticky toffee pudding over the donut anyday”

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