Well & Truly bars⁣ SWIPE …

🌱Well & Truly bars🌱⁣
Okay, these may well and truly be the BEST vegan chocolate bars I think I have ever eaten! (I know the puns are hilarious)! @_wellandtruly were kind enough to send me there 3 bars, that not only visually look amazing with fun little messages on each piece, taste amazing! They are 100% plant based and all ethically sourced! ⁣

The three bars were:⁣
Oat & M&lk⁣
Salted Caramel ⁣
Caramelised hazelnut⁣

Now on paper these flavours sound good, but as you can see from the close ups, this look amazing! The salted caramel has chunks of salted caramel!⁣

Grab yours today! Check their page for more details @_wellandtruly⁣


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