Cadbury’s Puds SWIPE TO …

🎄Cadbury’s Puds 🎄
A throwback? A new product? Christmas come early? Christmas come late? I don’t even know anymore! All I know is that these are now out and in stores most places!

Imagine a giant Cadbury hazelnut bells, this is that on a bigger scale (not even that big). Taste wise, meh. They aren’t anything new and exciting, they aren’t anything special, they are just meh.

I would say try if your intrigued, but personally I probably won’t buy again!

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17 Replies to “Cadbury’s Puds SWIPE TO …

  1. Not tried them but I agree they’re bad because its Cadburys. Lindt just one of many far superior brands

  2. Omg how can you say are meh 😵😵 I absolutely love these and I’m so glad they are back 😍😍 I’ve literally just ate one 🙌

  3. I love these! Love the crispy bits and nice nutty flavour. Not normally a Cadbury fan and I’m sure someone else could make a much better one but I like them!

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