Caramel Marshmallow Eggs⁣…

🍯Caramel Marshmallow Eggs🍯⁣
IS THIS AN EGG-SCLUSIVE? No absolutely not but that for some reason was the only egg related pun I could think off to start off this post! Round 2 of the Australian (I think) Cadbury Marshmallow eggs is this tasty Caramel variety. Whilst losing the two tone marshmallow, this single caramel colour is still pretty striking.⁣

Texture wise this is perfect, the marshmallow is firm yet bouncy and soft! Taste wise the caramel is subtle, but there. Could it have been stronger? Hell yea! Could they have included a caramel layer?! YES YES YES. Still this is a fun easter treat, and not one I had seen before!⁣

As always, I wish @cadburyuk had more fun when releasing Easter chocolate, but here is to dreaming!⁣

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  1. U.K really is such a limited selection of stuff compared to the rest of the world. What’s with that @cadburyuk ? Have an all expenses paid trip to Aus and visit @cadburyaust see how it could & should be done!!! 😡

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