Choccie Dodgers ⁣⁣⁣ SWIP…

🤎 Choccie Dodgers ⁣⁣🤎⁣
CHOCCIE DODGERS HAVE RETURNED! Now available in most big supermarkets (I got mine in Sainsbury’s) the chocolate variety of the classic Jammie Dodger has returned to us! ⁣

Whilst I was excited to try them, they unfortunately disappointed. The cookie remains the same, and is as good as ever, however the chocolate filling is meh. It doesn’t really taste of chocolate, and to be honest doesn’t taste of much. ⁣

They are a fun addition to the range, and are also vegan which is nice, but I won’t be buying again! ⁣It’s fair to say Jam Kees my heart!
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  1. £1.30 in Sainsbury’s, I brought them in Tescos for 70p, they should be 30p😂. They are okay, waiting for the day of a chocolate biscuit and a jammy middle!

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