Oreo Spread ⁣ SWIPE TO S…

🔲 Oreo Spread 🔲⁣
Happy Spread Saturday my fellow Snack Attackers! This week I went away from the norm of a chocolate spread, and explored the realm of the cookie butters! Of course I had to add in that signature swirl to really make it a traditional Spread Saturday!⁣

⚠️ NOTE: This is not a real product, it is HOMEMADE, it’s not for sale nor will it ever be for sale ⚠️⁣

Now I am as shocked as all of you that no official Oreo Spread exists?! I know there are white chocolate cookies and cream spreads, but no just solid Oreo!⁣

This wonder is a rich Oreo cookie butter, swirled with homemade cream to mirror that found inside of an Oreo! The real excitement of this recipe is that it is easily adapted to be vegan friendly, so fear not vegan friends, this spread is also for you!⁣

As always the recipe is available in the link in my bio! If you have any questions please slide into these DM’s and I shall help you out as best as I can!⁣

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