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This Mental Health Awareness week is focused around loneliness, so instead of posting a review, I will give the voice to you all. To kickstart the week I am working alongside @smallkindact to help launch their Messages of Kindness campaign. ⁣

You can get involved in the campaign today by:⁣

1. Clicking the link in my bio.⁣
2. Selecting ‘Messages of Kindness’⁣
3. Filling in the form and writing a message of kindness which will be included in a gift bag to a lonely or isolated older person⁣

This amazing campaign campaign is based upon the charities core belief that we can connect communities with kindness. You can log onto their site and write a small kind message. This message will then be printed on a card and included in a gift bag sent to lonely and isolated older people.⁣

Half a million older people go at least five or six days each week without seeing or speaking to anyone at all (Age UK 2016) and two fifths of all older people (about 3.9 million) say the television is their main company (Age UK 2014). Little or no social contact is harmful to our physical and mental health. Loneliness is seen by many as one of the largest health concerns we face and finding ways to prevent and alleviate loneliness and social isolation are vital.⁣

Loneliness contributes to higher levels of distress, resulting from people’s sense of isolation and reduced ability to connect with others. Older people often say they feel forgotten and ignored, with little social contact.⁣

You can make a difference. Together we can help an older person feel less lonely and isolated. Your message and those of your family and friends will be included in our gift bags this winter.⁣

💜 Please if you can share this post, and message, and help us get as many people to share their ‘Message of Kindness’ 💜⁣

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